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Written Words
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11th-Jun-2006 11:25 pm - What is Time
time is when you wake in the morning
time is when you walk in the door
time is when you around the table
time is when we rocked the cradle
time is when we watched the sun fade
time is when we lay to bed
time is when we see it end
time is all that's left in my head

by Michael
28th-May-2006 03:35 am(untitled)
reproach the ones who lived before me, the blind abuse of dark clarity
hurt and regret grown upon distance and neglect
far away she draws her world of unseen beauty, her own verity
before released this raven flew, low and high for worlds too new

allure attire for opulent choice, disclose her nature of night laced poise
a black shrouded warm heart, a self fashioned gothic art
her uncommon beauty all for her, nor the least for the craving boys
in grace and form I contrast, forever I know never to look past

neither angel nor vixen, leech-wife and witch apostle from early life
perplexing mind of shape and color, a gift growing steadily taller
a soul akin to folk-life, quick in thought and sharp in strife
the world she knows all to well, all to few are the stories i can tell

illusion pressed upon me by past, whether truth holds her beauty fast
broken before by deceptive lies, i reject the idea of a winning guise
a friend in need her heart downcast, to see her inner-smile again i task
past are days her i barely knew, something inside me unknown now grew

ardently involved she must inter you, look within to see her
eyes that glow a soul of notion, muse and oracle, like a potion
heaven and hell she does incur, life now seen as it were
when she leaves and i must move on, she will be whom I compare her's upon
27th-May-2006 02:07 am - Redemption
My "People Skills" Are "Rusty."
Sometimes I want to love you without knowing that I do;
I'm too aware of all of these selfish tears that you cause.
I have made up my mind to leave your evil tongue behind;
I will not let anything else get in the way of my redemption.

Have no more doubt about how you hurt what can't be returned;
I was vulnerable and timid even when you thought I was only teasing.
Please is not enough of a word to bring back the joy I am deprived of;
Loneliness has lasted much longer than you ever imagined or predicted.

I forget how a real kiss is supposed to feel and where it burns;
Almost five months have passed since your lips startled mine.
I knew you would let me go and then beg for me to stop once I was gone;
Laughter makes it easier to wait for the tables to finally turn in my favor.

I dreamed for a moment through another pair of heartbroken eyes;
Nothing disguises the taste of betrayal like being told you are blind.
I get the urge to keep walking in the shoes that you took for granted;
I am determined to take them off so my feet can breathe on their own.

All that runs down my face anymore is the powdery brush applying my blush;
Its shade is as deep as I used to believe your thoughts and your touch affected me.
Fear is powerful in the sense that injustice never resigns as long as you're alive;
I intend to survive every nightmare of a year that you run in and out of my life.
25th-May-2006 03:52 am(untitled)

"Water Under the Bridge"

It's all water under the bridge,
a forgotten memory heading out to sea.
Doesn't matter anymore,
whats done is done,
To bad, so sad.
There was no one to save her,
from the beasts rage.
There was no one to free her from her cage.
It's all water under the bridge,
a forgotten memory heading out to sea.
Doesn't mater anymore,
whats done is done,
To bad, so sad.
She's been dead for so long,
that her memory seems no more than a dream.
she waited for a hero,
a hero that never came.
she waited for a hero,
but her waiting was in vain.
Now it's just water under the bridge.



24th-May-2006 12:22 am(untitled)

"For Her"

Water flowing down the mountain;
while her tears do flow like a fountain,
bitterly she weeps,
and quietly she sleeps.
Sleeps through the nights tide,
till her fears do subside.

Lighting flashing across the sky;
while her rage she keeps inside,
angrily she mumbles,
and innocently she stumbles.
Stumbles through the dark,
to the sound of the meadowlark.

Leaves falling from the trees;
while her pain no one sees,
silently she sighs,
and finally she dies.
Dies all alone in the night,
because she is tired of the fight.


22nd-May-2006 10:39 pm - David
My &quot;People Skills&quot; Are &quot;Rusty.&quot;
We could truly disappoint each other;
Maybe soon you'll let me show you how.
Too bad someone has yet to worship me;
No one should love me like I crave you.

You once introduced yourself as my brother's elusive friend;
Now you mostly consider yourself my platonic companion.
I don't think you'd let me love you beyond reasonable circumstance;
Call it some twisted form of insecurity or an unfortunate loss of something else.

You don't know how much I ache to be inside of your apathy;
Do oblivious creatures have you under their indecisive spell?
I'll expose my feelings right in front of you until you notice them;
Will you ever become the things I long to hear from your dry lips?

What deeply matters to me must rarely concern your conditioned senses;
I would adamantly believe in your adamant beliefs if you'd consider us an option.
I wish I was an aggressive and irresistible woman who pushed you to reveal affection;
You would reject that I would accept a reality in which you continued to refuse me.

You perceive me as that obsessive girl who listens to Queen with you in your Nissan;
You know me as the one who used to try to cling her manic heart to your frozen body.
I'd say and do pretty much anything to appease you in ways you may or may not expect;
My sad attempts kept bringing me deceptive ups and predictable downs until I gave up.

I cannot persuade my instincts to interrupt your absence or even your present silence;
Will I allow the days to pass by in lonely sighs and bitter words I contrive alone in privacy?
Honesty that was conjured up unknowingly by you and for you tricked me into lying again;
Is misery merely a self-imposed illusion used to justify the forlorn masochist inside of me?
20th-May-2006 10:23 pm(untitled)


The serene beauty of the sunrise

lasts only until it is noticed;

and the tranquility of dusk

is shattered upon its acknowledgement.

There in lays beautys true Paradox

for upon recognition it turns ordinary;

while the unseen is where beauty doth lay.

Thus the purest of beauty,

does reside in our hearts and souls,

and not the shell in which we keep it.


17th-May-2006 01:16 pm - A Struggle
Unwritten song
Dreadful is the life that I live each day
While trapped in this endless hell of sorrow.
Within me devastation seems to stay
As this infamous curse plagues the morrow.

I need freedom from this terrible ill.
It brings me much torment and confusion.
If only I can comprehend what's real
To save my future from this delusion.

Intense thoughts force me to express my fear.
While a soft insanity absorbs me.
This subconscious speech of mine I do hear
And my uncontrolled body I do see.

How do I relieve my overwhelmed mind?
The water in my eyes begin to show.
Relief is in the blood that I must find
And the blade in my hand will let it flow.

How difficult it is to see the light.
I am fatigued as I take a deep breath.
I feel that I cannot escape this plight.
It seems the only way out is Death.
13th-May-2006 08:19 pm - Who Is He?
Unwritten song
Who is he? This omnious creator?
The one who's everywhere or in the mind,
The one who is a silent instructor,
And the one whose believers hope to find?

Is he a hero? A man so righteous?
Does he cure the sickly of grief and pain,
Does he feed the hungry food so luscious,
And does he water the Earth with his rain?

What does he appear to be? Beautiful?
Could he be an endless voice of wisdom,
Could he be a gold shrine that's merciful,
Or could he be the pith of this kingdom?

Who is God? A question of philosophy.
Is there anyone able to understand,
Is his power known through apostrophe,
Or is he created only by man?
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