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Written Words
18th-Jun-2006 07:12 am
Hurt and regret grown upon distance and neglect
a soul never forgets, so heavy are your debts

Cleaved smooth are words in a prologue of love
upon a somber mood, a lie in truth is interwove

we start in darkness swept and unclean
left apart from us, all but a sigh unseen

a sunrise doomed to clear the starry night
vision consumed, of words impossible to recite

time in memory where words collect in twilight construction
little of a back-story, loaded with comical self-destruction

ask whether the past prologue
thoughts tether to a ideologue

clearer skies within
mirror eyes chagrin
19th-Jun-2006 10:08 pm (UTC)
Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
I love your use of words.
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